A Valuable Tool to Find Qualified and Knowledgeable Guardians
Advocates for improved guardianship services in the United States have long promoted adoption of certification for professional guardians, which may be by legislative enactment, by rule, or by judicial order.  Credentialed professional guardians who have received specialized training, demonstrated competence by taking a certification exam, or who have otherwise met state-specific or national criteria for certification as a professional guardian typically provide preferable alternatives to non-credentialed professional guardians.  It is wise to contact courts with guardianship jurisdiction, state offices that monitor court-appointed guardians, and/or the Center for Guardianship Certification to determine the credentialed professional guardians available in the jurisdiction in question.

The Center for Guardianship Certification (CGC) (www.guardianshipcert.org), which is a member of the National Guardianship Network, is the only nationwide certifying body for guardians/fiduciaries. CGC provides a comprehensive certification program which includes education and experience requirements, an examination of guardianship knowledge, a continuing education component, and a robust disciplinary process.

For a list of national certified guardians, please visit www.guardianshipcert.org

If you are interested in working with CGC to mandate certification for guardians in your state, please contact info@guardianshipcert.org.